Hi, I’m Andrew Loucks and I’m a 31 year old from Montreal. I’ve been running my own businesses since I was 19. I love everything to do with eCommerce, Building Brands and Digital Marketing.

For me, I’m a serial entrepreneur so I have a lot of ideas.

Sometimes too many!

And the more ideas I have, the less time I have for each one so that’s where the 80/20 rule comes in.

I don’t have the time or resources to do everything.

No one does.

So that’s why I started 8020Hustle.com.

I want to share how I’ve been able to efficiently spend my time creating multiple businesses simultaneously and in turn, I want to help you focus on the stuff that works and has the most impact on your business and disregard the rest.

You’ve probably already heard of the 80/20 principle a.k.a. Pareto’s Principle.

It states that 20% of your efforts will translate into 80% of the total results. That means there are other tasks that make up a WHOPPING 80% that will only contribute to 20% of your success.

When it comes to starting, growing and running a business, you need to be absolutely RUTHLESS when it comes to your time.

My approach incorporates a few things:


I can’t recommend this book enough. Every entrepreneur (and everyone else for that matter) should read this book. The concept is simple. Focus your efforts on one thing and ditch shiny object syndrome.


If you’ve ever cooked a meal, you know there’s a recipe you can follow which will produce the same results over and over again. Whenever I perform a tasks, I make sure to document them. I create a playbook similar to a football team. If it’s something that will be repeated, I make sure to describe each step in crystal clear detail. The next step will show you why.


For some of the tasks that require little creative input, I make sure to automate or delegate as much as I can. This frees up time to focus on your own 80/20 which makes up the bigger 80/20.

So that’s it for now.

I hope you can visit my site and take away massive amounts of actionable value.

Don’t forget to be ruthless with your time in your quest for success.

Andrew Loucks 8020Hustle.com

– Andrew